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"Standard Protocol"

Activate your full potential with the STEMREGEN® Protocol —a comprehensive approach to the body’s innate repair system, combining STEMREGEN® Release, Signal, and Mobilize to enhance stem cell function, improve microcirculation, and modulate cellular signaling.  This powerful triad supports the body’s innate ability to renew, paving the way for healthy aging with optimal health & longevity.

STEMREGEN® Protocol Packages

Tailored Solutions for Optimal Health

Standard Protocol

Activate your full potential with the STEMREGEN® Standard Protocol—a foundational approach to the body’s innate repair system. This package includes 1 STEMREGEN® Release, 1 Signal, and 1 Mobilize. By following the Standard Usage Instructions, you can support your body’s natural ability to renew and maintain optimal health and longevity at a manageable pace. This package is perfect for those who are beginning their journey towards healthy aging and want to experience the benefits of the STEMREGEN® Protocol in a straightforward, easy-to-follow regimen.

Advanced Protocol

For those seeking a more intensive approach, the STEMREGEN® Advanced Protocol offers a comprehensive enhancement of the body’s repair system. This package includes 3 bottles of STEMREGEN® Release, along with 1 Signal and 1 Mobilize, ensuring you have the necessary supply to follow the Advanced Usage Instructions. The Advanced Protocol is ideal for individuals looking for a more robust, proactive strategy to support healthy aging and achieve optimal health and longevity. This package provides the tools to pave the way for renewed vitality and an elevated state of well-being.

Stem Cell Release

STEMREGEN® Release was specifically formulated for its effect on stem cells. Its ingredients have been scientifically documented to significantly increase the number of circulating stem cells by triggering their release from the bone marrow. More stem cells in circulation promote optimal health and longevity.

Stem Cell Migration

This proprietary bioactive blend not only increases stem cell availability in the bloodstream but also supports their migration into tissues. By facilitating effective stem cell migration, STEMREGEN® Release plays a pivotal role in tissue maintenance, which is crucial for optimal vitality.

Supports Healthy Aging

As stem cells are an integral part of the body’s innate repair system, their increase in number as well as their circulation and function help to maintain organ and tissue health in the body. STEMREGEN® Release supports these vital processes that can slow the signs of aging and improve overall health.


A Proprietary Blend of Plant Extracts & Bioactives

We use the most powerful ingredients found in nature to create the most scientifically advanced stem cell solutions for optimal health and longevity.