Stem Cells The Ultimate Anti-aging Health Optimising Power Within Us With Dr Christian Drapeau - Pushing The Limits

In this week episode Lisa interviews world renown stem cell scientist Dr Christian Drapeau on the power of stem cells to heal the body and how we can mobilise many more of these stems cells from our bone marrow through the use of specific botanicals that have been clinically shown to do just that and how people suffering from a myriad of disease all have one thing in common and that is low circulating levels of stem cells.

We dive into the fascinating world of stem cell science and you will learn:

* The types of stem cells there are

* The various use cases for the different stem cells

* The history of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

* The botanical discoveries he made that have shown to mobilise your own stem cells without needing invasive procedures that harvest your own stem cells from bone marrow or fat

*Lifestyle interventions shown to improve stem cell mobilisation and other habits that are detrimental to your stem cell supply.

* we dive into many stories giving insight to the mechanisms of actions, case studies that are astounding from burns victims healing 50 year old scars to diabetics getting off insulin, to heart repair, brain repair and more.

* we dive too into the clinical research he and others have done
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