Stemmed from nature. Empowered by science. Purposed to regenerate life.

STEMREGEN creates powerful supplements that unleash your regenerative potential by tapping into the power of your body’s innate repair system.

We believe that vibrant health is essential for a fulfilling life. Optimizing health and longevity is at the core of our pursuit.

We treasure the trust placed in true scientific enquiry and work diligently to ensure its precision behind each of our promises.

Each deed makes a difference. That is why we take them seriously, in the hope of creating timely, relevant, and enduring value.

The quest for self-discovery is at the heart of all we do. We seek to alleviate sickness and pain so that all may be free to follow life’s deeper quest and realize their full potential.

We believe that nature holds the promise. All of our work is centered around the natural world, with each of our ingredients sourced meticulously and ethically from Mother Nature. Our sourcing of the most powerful bioactives on earth is held to the highest standards.

Our Mission

We use the most powerful ingredients found in nature to create the most scientifically advanced stem cell solutions for optimal health and longevity.

Our Vision

To unleash the regenerative potential of the human body, thereby enhancing the human experience.

Our Founder

Meet Christian Drapeau, MSC

Christian Drapeau is a stem cell scientist, published researcher and author.  He holds a graduate degree in Neurophysiology and has been involved in medical research for 30+ years, the last 20 specifically dedicated to stem cells. He pioneered the understanding that stem cells constitute the body’s natural healing and repair system and has traveled the world in search of the most powerful plants that support stem cell function and enhance the body’s regenerative potential.

He has written 5 books, including the best-selling “Cracking the Stem Cell Code,” as well as dozens of published scientific papers on brain research and the biological process he coined “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization”.  Having lectured in 50+ countries, he is known by scientists, physicians, and biohackers alike as an expert and pioneer of his field.

A scientific advisor to many companies, he is currently the Founder and Chief Science Officer at STEMREGEN.

“Health is more than just the absence of disease. It’s the attainment of our highest health potential.  As a stem cell scientist and medicinal plant researcher, I draw from nature’s pharmacopeia whilst leveraging stem cell science to unlock new applications on these age-old therapeutics.”

— Christian Drapeau

The Book

Cracking the Stem Cell Code

Stem cell scientist and creator of STEMREGEN dives deep into the scientific and historical context of stem cells, laying out the powerful story of our body's natural repair system. This best selling book demystifies the most important scientific breakthrough of our time, revealing the far-reaching potential of adult stem cells and how they are called to change the face of health and wellness.

Our Products

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