1 Bottle - 60 Capsules




Elevate athletic recovery with STEMREGEN® Sport, professionally formulated for athletes and NSF Sport certified to ensure compliance with WADA guidelines. STEMREGEN® SPORT is a clinically tested blend of natural ingredients that boost stem cell release and migration, supporting healthy tissue repair and renewal to help boost post-workout recovery and enhance vitality.

Stem Cell Release

STEMREGEN® SPORT was specifically formulated for its effect on stem cells. Its ingredients have been scientifically documented to increase the number of circulating stem cells by triggering their release from the bone marrow. More stem cells in circulation equate to a more efficient repair system, supporting optimal post-exercise recovery and vitality.

Professionally formulated for Athletes for Enhanced Recovery

This proprietary STEMREGEN® SPORT formula not only increases stem cell availability in the bloodstream but also supports their migration into tissues. By facilitating effective stem cell delivery, they play a pivotal role in tissue maintenance which is crucial to enhanced recovery, resilience, and endurance. STEMREGEN® SPORT also contains a unique blend of pterostilbene and notoginseng that further supports muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity.

NSF Certified for Professional Athletes

Rigorously tested to meet the strict standards of NSF Sport certification, STEMREGEN® SPORT is verified to contain NO performance-enhancing compounds, making it safe for professional athlete use. This guarantees the full benefits of daily stem cell release and migration with the peace of mind of WADA compliance.


A Proprietary Blend Of Plant Extracts & Bioactives

We use the most powerful ingredients found in nature to create the most scientifically advanced stem cell solutions for optimal health and longevity.